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Kansas State Bulk Solids Innovation Center

Testing Fees

Material Testing
Internal FeeExternal Fee
Loose and tapped bulk density (aerated and packed), compressibility$139$255
Particle size and particle size distribution (>63 micron size and < 2mm)$250$250
True/particle density$196$298
Moisture Sorption Isotherms$1,272$2,100
Wall friction test (rate per surface), available surfaces: SS, AI, Carbon Steel and Tivar88$220$375
Gravity flow property testing (flow function, arching/outlet dimension and hopper angle)$277$900
Gravity flow property testing with 6, 12 or 24-hour time consolidation$334$900
Gravity flow test (full scale) to see flow of material in hopper and identify the flow rate (rate per day)$1,275$1,938
Pneumatic conveying test (full scale, rate per day)$1,275$1,938

Internal Fee: Charge for departments within Kansas State University system.
External Fee: Charge for all entities outside of the University.