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Kansas State Bulk Solids Innovation Center

Course Schedule

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

7:30-8:00 amCheck-in 
8:00-8:30 amIntroductionDr. Raju Dandu, Kansas State University
8:30-9:30 amProblems in Bulk Solids Handling - An OverviewDr. Greg Mehos
9:30-9:45 amBreak 
9:45-11:45 amFlow Properties and Design PrinciplesDr. Greg Mehos
11:45 am-12:30 pmLunch 
12:30-1:00 pmPlant Tour 
1:00-2:00 pmFlow Property Testing: Lab Exercise 
2:00-3:00 pmPractice Problem: Step-by-step Procedure for Designing Bin/HopperDr. Greg Mehos
3:00-3:15 pmBreak 
3:15-4:00 pmDesign of ChutesDr. Greg Mehos
4:00-5:00 pmDesign of FeedersDr. Greg Mehos

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

8:00-10:00 amSampling and Particle CharacterizationDr. Kingsly Ambrose, Purdue
10:00-10:15 amBreak 
10:15-11:15 amParticle Segregation and SolutionsDr. Kingsly Ambrose, Purdue
11:15-11:45 amSegregation Problems in Industry and SolutionsDr. Kingsly Ambrose, Purdue
11:45 am-12:30 pmLunch 
12:30-1:15 pmMaterial Characteristics Testing: Practical Exercise 
1:15-2:00 pmCaking of Bulk SolidsDr. Kingsly Ambrose, Purdue
2:00-2:45 pmVibration Flow AidsMike Stratis, Cleveland Vibrator
2:45-3:00 pmBreak 
3:00-4:15 pmPneumatic Conveying Systems Todd Smith, Coperion K-Tron
4:15-5:00 pmDesign of Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying SystemDr. Raju Dandu, Kansas State University

Thursday, June 13, 2019

8:00-9:00 amSolid Gas Separation TechniquePat Mahoney, Coperion K-Tron
9:00-10:00 amDilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying: Practical ExercisePat Mahoney, Coperion K-Tron
10:00-10:15 amBreak 
10:15-11:45 amDilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying: Practical Exercise Pat Mahoney, Coperion K-Tron
11:45 am-12:30 pmLunch 
12:30-2:00 pmDilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying TroubleshootingPat Mahoney, Coperion K-Tron
2:00-3:00 pmDense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Theory and TroubleshootingMike May, Coperion K-Tron
3:00-3:10 pmBreak 
3:10-4:00 pmDense Phase Pneumatic Conveying: Practical Exercise 
4:00-5:00 pmValves Used in Bulk Solids HandlingCory Downing, Vortex Valves


Friday, June 14, 2019

7:30-8:00 amCheck-in 
8:00-9:15 amDust Explosion and Control SystemsJason Krbec, CV Technology
9:15-10:30 amInstrumentation and Safety in Bulk Handling OperationsSteve Reed, Kasa Industrial Controls
10:30-10:45 amBreak 
10:45-11:45 amDust Control System and Design Dr. John Lawrence, Kansas State University
11:45 am-12:00 pmCourse evaluation and adjourn 

The above schedule is subject to change without notice to attendees. A finalized schedule will provided at check-in on June 11, 2019.