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Kansas State Bulk Solids Innovation Center

K-State Bulk Solids Innovation Center

607 N Front St.
Salina, KS 67401

Raju Dandu, Ph.D., Professor
Director, Bulk Solids Innovation Center
Kansas State University Polytechnic

Bulk Solids Innovation Center Facility Information

The facility includes office space for researchers and six flexible bulk solids laboratories to allow for collaborative and proprietary research projects by the building's tenants. The largest space is a 30-foot-tall open bay for full scale testing of bulk solids behavior which will allow for more exploratory access research conducted by university investigators and students.

Full Scale Laboratory

Equipment and controls for measurement of actual bulk solids behaviors including storage, conveying, gravity flow, blending, segregation, degradation, dust collection, safety, and air pollution control.

Bulk Solids Full Scale Lab

Blower and Motor Control Room

This room holds equipment that can be loud or hot and motor controls.

Bulk Solids Motor Control Room


Bulk Solids Silo

Training Room

Classroom setting for up to 56 students sitting at tables. Configurable layout to accommodate the type and size of training sessions. 

Bulk Solids Training Room

Conference Room

Bulk Solids Conference Room